Two Spine Chilling Attractions

Sept 30th – Oct 30th

Hunt Or Be Hunted

The undead have risen from their graves to attack Steeltown Paintball – and we need your help to contain them! On foot, your team (we don’t recommend going solo – safety in numbers!) will make your way through the woods and city to secure the area and build a safe zone for those behind you. It won’t be easy… You’ve got to survive the attacks from the monsters and the dead that don’t want you to make it out. 

Something evil lurks in the woods near the Steeltown facility. The ground has been disturbed. There’s the feeling you’re being watched. And some of the staff have gone missing…

Scariest Self Guided Maze

Get ready to get lost in haunted, spooky and crazy maze. Beware of all the traps, tricks, and dangers lurking in the shadow as you enter here. You may get lost in the scariest maze that will keep you turning around from the moment you walk in and have your head spinning after you leave. Good luck finding your way out!


Feel The Fear 


What To Expect 

The Monster Hunt & Fear Vision will take place September 30th, every Friday/Saturday in October, and October 30th. This is a night event as that’s when the monsters roam the most. 

If you’re afraid to walk in the woods in the dark or be chased on foot by masked monsters and zombies, this event may not be for you.

Additionally, there will be smoke-filled buildings left from the aftermath of the fires set by the villains.

For the Monster Hunt, each group will have an unarmed expert guide to help navigate the grounds at Steeltown. You will still need to help protect yourself and the guide with the use of our specialized equipment.

Fear Vision Maze is a self guided maze.  You will need to navigate your way through this 21,000 square foot maze with 6 terrifying rooms of fear.